Review: Broth & Stock from the Nourished Kitchen

This book has beautiful pictures, nice thick pages, and intriguing recipes.  The author has certainly done her research and I found the information to be helpful and accessible for newlywed brides all the way to seasoned cooks and chefs.  This book is a must-have in the home of anyone hoping to contribute to the health and well-being of their family and friends through the nourishment that broth provides.

*I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review from

Review: Things I’ve Said To My Children

This is a short little ditty of things that people have said to their kids.  Then, the author has illustrated each phrase.  It is a nicely constructed book with vibrant colors.  It’s the kind of book I would leave out on a coffee table or the like for company to quickly flip through.

*I received this book free in exchange for my honest review from

Book Review: Born To Be Awkward

Born to Be Awkward: Celebrating those imperfect moments of babyhood
Mike Bender
Doug Chernack

This is a neat little book to flip through.  There’s not a lot of reading–mostly pictures, but that’s the point of, the original site of the premise behind this book.

This is a small book, but hefty.  It has nice thick pages for multiple glances as you pass around to your family and friends.

My one regret was that I did not have a friend to laugh with as I flipped through it for the first time.  This is definitely a treasure to be enjoyed with many friends!!

I received this book free in exchange for my honest review from

Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook Review

I have the first THM book and I love it, but it is trying to find what I need when I need it, especially when I am looking for a recipe.

This cookbook is well-timed and a welcome addition to my collection of cookbooks.  I love the ability to adapt it to my nutritional needs including portion sizes and ingredients.  Versatile is the word to describe these recipes.

I’ve looked at every page in the book.  It’s a heavy but sturdy book.  The pages are nice and thick.  The pictures of the food are appetizing and they made me want to cook all the recipes.

Thank you, Pearl & Serene, for taking the time away from your families to put this wonderful resource in our hands!

I received this book free in exchange for my honest review from

Through A Man’s Eyes, Shaunti Feldman & Craig Gross

I consider this a continuation of Shaunti’s book “For Women Only”.  We get a candid yet gentle approach to the mindset of men and how they think concerning women.  I appreciated the discussion on how to handle our fears and worries as women who feel insecure knowing what men are thinking and feeling about images and other women they see.  This book had me feeling not hopeless and despaired with that information, but confident and able to have mature and stable discussions with my husband in the future about the various ways that the world can plague his mind.

I received this book free in exchange for my honest review from

Blogging for Books: Raising Boys By Design

This book is handy for me right now with an 8yo and a 2yo in my family.  I gained a lot of insight into the minds of boys.  However, I found much more of this book to be for the adolescent-teenage years.  I also was able to pass on a chapter to my SIL who is having to raise her teenage son without a dad.

I received this book free in exchange for my honest review from

Aimless Thoughts

 How much more fun would the world be if our knees bent the other way?
I wonder if worms yawn.

 I’m excited.  My scrapbook cutter thingy.. Cutter Bee…  now has blades that are decorative, perforate, and score.  Beat that, Fiskars!

They’ve also come out with a smaller cutter, so you don’t have to carry the big one with you in your big scrapbook box.  It’ll fit in your scrapbook organizer bag, now.

Cool Thingy
Four jobs you have had in your life
1.  Pastor’s Wife
2.  Mom
3.  Drive Thru Order Taker
4.  Bookstore Assistant/Mail Room Tech (hee hee)
Four movies you would watch over and over
1.  Sabrina
2.  Tommy Boy
3.  Working Girl (good moral fun)
4.  Clueless
Four places you have lived
 1.  Arkansas
2.  Michigan
3.  Florida
4.  Missouri
Four TV shows you love to watch
 1.  Friends
2.  Matlock (don’t laugh)
3.  Gilmore Girls

 4.  That 70’s Show

Four places you have been on vacation
1.  Arkansas (don’t laugh)
2.  Florida
3.  Colorado
4.  Wyoming


 Four websites I visit daily

Four of my favorite foods
1.  Taco Salad (tupperware recipe)–now with chicken
2.  Pizza.. any kind.. any store… any crust
3.  Catfish
4.  Prego & Spaghetti

Four places I would rather be right now
 1.  Arkansas
2.  Mississippi–with MY family
3.  Missouri–see above
4.  Taking a shower… I stink  (don’t laugh)

4 things I always carry with me
2.  Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (my lips really hurt!)
3.  Pony Tail Holder (pony tails are my world with long hair and 2 little girls)

4.  Kids (you can laugh, now)

Burger King Whine

Go Kellie & Paris!! (Calamahrieeee)  LOL


I have an internet friend that I’m making potholders for.  She made me a doily and a purse/bag.  I use the bag to put my crocheting in.  So, I making her some potholders for her and her daughters.  I have 4 done of about 8 that I intended to make.  I like to make potholders.  They’re fairly simple to make and they turn out really thick, so they really do their job well.


I got really sad last night watching Kitchen Gadgets on FoodNetwork.  They have some pretty silly stuff out there.  Like a stove that you can cook directly on its surface.  Then, you use window cleaner to clean it.  I’m sorry, but if I’m going to be cooking directly on a stovetop,  I’m not going to use window cleaner to clean it, bc I don’t want to taste blue juice next time I cook on it.  Gross.  Also, that rotisserie guy who makes all these kitchen gadgets and sells them on informercials was on.  He has a ‘solid food’ injector.  That means, you can insert whole olives or garlic cloves into meat.  I’m sorry, but I’m not going to insert whole olives into anything I bake.  They wouldn’t make it to the injector before I was to eat them all… of course, putting them on my fingers first.  Bc, that’s the proper way to eat black olives.  With the green ones, you suck the pimento out, first.  Those are tasty.
Anyway.. they have some pretty lazy things out there.  Like, the jar opener from Black & Decker.  Any idiot can spend a bunch of money to have jars opened for them.  I happen to be a snob about this issue, bc I take pride in the fact that I can open a jar with minimal effort.  First of all, if it has the pop up circle in the lid, you use a spoon to make it pop up.  That breaks the seal and then you can open the jar with minimal effort.  Real hard.  Not at all.


Sorry if I offended someone that has the jar opener.  I just think it’s a waste of my money.  That’s the bottom line.


Today, we are meeting Sid at Burger King for lunch.  I have a bone to pick with the BKs here in town.  First of all, their motto is “have it your way”.  Excuse me, but if it were my way, I wouldn’t have to repeatedly take my sandwich up to have stuff added or removed that was left off from my original order.
We were at BK Tuesday.  Sid ordered for me.  I get my Whopper with cheese… no mayo, no onion, with mustard.  Not that hard to remember, right?? And we got there before the lunch rush.  So, I get my sandwich.  The wrapper is marked correctly.  They put the orange side on top (meaning it has cheese) with a big M (Mustard added) and had onion and mayo marked off on the little pictures.  There was no cheese or mustard.  Why mark the wrapper at all if you’re not going to follow it???
Sid took it up to the counter to have them correct it, only bc he paid extra for cheese that was left off.  Cheese is expensive.  So, he waits for a good 5 minutes.  I heard the guy tell the girl SEVERAL TIMES how to make the burger.  No mayo, no onion, with mustard, add cheese!  Over and over.  I’m thinking.. .is it hard to make burgers?? Really???
So, finally I get my burger.  It has FOUR SLICES of cheese on it.  Excuse me, but “barf”… then, I see it has another slab of meat on there.  This wasn’t a double whopper.  And… there was STILL NO MUSTARD!!!!
Sid went and got me a mustard packet and I ate as much of the massive hamburger that I could.  But, I didn’t finish it.
We go through this all the time.  They forget an order of fries or an order of chicken strips.  Put lettuce on Sid’s burgers.. which he hates lettuce.. and therefore complains about the lettuce taste after he has removed it.  Etc.  BK does not treat us right in this town.  It doesn’t matter which one of the three you go to, it’s still not always going to be your way.  And too many times it isn’t our way, than it is.  Pretty upsetting, if you ask me.
BUT, Sid likes Burger King.  It’s the closest food joint to his work, so that’s why we eat there and take the chance of being jipped out of our money and time.


Oh, something I intended to mention yesterday.  I was watching a show on TLC the other night about Little People who are also referred to as midgets, but I don’t think that’s a PC term.  Little people.
So, it’s a cool show, bc it’s about families that are little and the means they take to make their world more comfortable.  This particular family was able to financially cover the costs of such things.  They bought a new VW bug for the Mom’s 40th b-day.  The dad had to put pedal extensions on it after he got it, so that they could reach the pedals.  They also have their clothes custom fitted to them.  It’s fascinating!!
I liked watching their borderline autistic daughter do gymnastics.  She looked cute in her little leotard… and you could tell she really loved jumping on the trampoline.
It was just a cool show to watch, and I plan to catch it again in the future.  I just wanted to pass the recommendation along to yous guys!

Closet Math

Yesterday, I was looking for some cards from my first Stampin’ Up! party that I needed to use last night.  I couldn’t find them.  One of my ‘looking places’ was in a box on top of my closet shelf.  I reached up to get the box… no pressure on the shelf… and the entire closet came tumbling down.
Sid got some hardware at his work last night to fix it.  So, hopefully it will hold now.
The former hardware was PLASTIC.  Little tiny plastic pieces to hold an 8 foot long shelf on the wall with clothes hanging on it.  I wonder why it crashed.  Hmmm.
This time, he used metal bc the shelf is metal, for one thing.  And well, I don’t have a second.


I woke up with all sorts of weird feelings this morning.  The tooth, for one.  Bump on my tongue… another.  Itchy asleep foot.  Being kicked in the tummy, the idiots being bumped, etc.  Phoebe crawled into bed with me.  Nice.
We hugged and cuddled until I finally decided to get moving.  She talked the entire time.  “You love me? Want a hug?  You like my hugs?  Need to go potty, again?? Etc.”
It was cute.


I have big plans of staying inside today and getting the house clean.  Abby needs to get going in her school.  She told me yesterday that she is tired of writing numbers over and over.  Can’t say I blame her.  She’s about 3 paces behind where she should be.  But, we’re doing the books just to say she did them.  She can go at her own speed.  I have no problem with that.  Just as long as they get done, and get done properly.


This is what she does in her books now… write the # over and over and over until your hand is properly cramped.  Then, circle the number that shows how many are in the box… or draw a line to the number… or write the number in the box.  Etc.  The first pace was for 1-5.  The next one is for 6-9.  She’s bored with it.
I wake up Sunday morning to find Abby doing math problems.  Not 2+2, but 25+12=__  And the surprising thing was, she was getting them all right.  Sid had written out some problems for her and she was doing them just fine.  I was like, sheesh!! No wonder she’s bored!!

Teething Epilator

I don’t feel good.  I’m 25 years old, and I still do not have all my wisdom teeth, yet.  I have one wanting to come in at the very back of my mouth.  My gums are all swollen around it.  It hurts.  I hate it.  I now understand why babies chew on EVERYTHING when they’re teething.  I want to chew on stuff, just to make the thing poke through.  It’s killing me, and you know the thing about when you have a sore in your mouth or when your feet hurt… your attitude is less than acceptable.  That’s how I am.
Not to mention the fact that the “idiots” are sore, also.  They hurt really bad.  If you don’t know what the ‘idiots’ are, figure it out for yourself.  There’s 2 of them.  They’re always in the way.  Idiots.
I have to get going today.  We are attending an adoption celebration tonight for a family in our church.  I need to go get a small gift for them.  And, I need to make a card.
We received an eBay shipment for Sid’s tools last Friday night.  However, there was one problem.  The box was awfully light, and the side of it had a small tear along the perforation.  We opened it when we got home,  to find it was a box full of packing materials… plastic bags & bubblewrap… but no tools.  The box said, “Received without contents”.  Nice.  We contacted the guy and he said this happened with another shipment he had made, and that he planned to refund our money if the PO wouldn’t cover the losses.   Insurance was not offered for this auction.
Sid said he would be fine just to have half of it refunded, bc the guy is also losing money… not just us.  Oh well.
My mom has this little thing that she uses on facial hair and her legs.  It isn’t a razor… it’s an Epilator or something like this.  This little machine is pure evil.  It doesn’t shave hair, it pulls it.  Each one.  Individually.  Not fun.  I was going to use it on my legs and she told me to let it grow out a little more, before I used it, for better results.  So, I did.  I was over there Saturday and I used the Epilator thingy.  I wanted to scream, cuss, bite something, hit something, punch anyone.  It makes you mad.
But, my legs are nice and smooth… with no stubble 2 days later.
I have something I would like to say to one of my friends out there.

Happy Birthday, DeAnna!!